Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas

“I consider HPC the experts in the realm of Hospital Based Physician Groups and related issues...Without hesitation I recommend HPC for such engagements.”

—William (Bill) Webster, CEO
Medical Center Hospital
Odessa, TX



Dr. Hellstern's article Popping Up Like Weeds was the #3 Article of 2015 on ACEP Now. Ron is on the EDBA faculty.

Hospital Practice Consultants, LLC

Consulting for Hospital-based Clinical Services

Let us help you avoid disruption with your hospital-based physicians and design a mutually beneficial relationship based on shared commitment, transparency, and performance accountability.

A good working relationship with your hospital-based physicians can be challenging to maintain. We help grow your hospital practices by making these relationships more effective and productive.

Consulting for Hospitals and Medical Centers

We know hospital-based clinical services: emergency medicine, anesthesia, hospitalists, and intensivists. We know the national contract management groups, the regional staffing firms and the local practices. We know what performance benchmarks to require and the processes to achieve them.

HPC for Physicians

Hospitals Rely on HPC

Hospitals hire us to achieve physician group clarity, generate actionable information, and guide the group's leadership in achieving sustainable improvements.

Organization Culture

An organization’s culture is invisible. And it can be hard to describe to an outsider. But it has everything to do with the organization’s success. The second of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Successful People is “Begin with the end in mind.” If you are developing a strategic vision or trying to hold people accountable for their contribution, start by imagining the culture you wish to foster.

Vendor Performance Assessment and Optimization Leadership Development Change Management
Practice Evaluation Leadership Development Change Management

How You Benefit

We can benchmark the practice, generate insight, prioritize the issues, and show the practice how to deliver the results you need.

Getting Started

Give us call at (972) 956-9400. There is no cost to discussing the possibilities.